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     Magic is an expensive hobby. Especially if you are a fan of Eternal formats. Building a Modern, Legacy, Vintage or Commander deck can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars! What if you end up not even liking the deck that you shelled out your hard earned money for? Or WOTC decides that it is too powerful of a strategy and bans a key card? Or, Urza forbid you’re having a friendly game night at your buddy’s house and someone accidentally knocks over a Mountain Dew onto the table and your cards get ruined! Now your investment is worthless! You could’ve bought that car so your mom doesn’t have to drive you around anymore.

     What if you could buy the car and the cards? Well, now you absolutely can! Magic proxy cards are realistic looking copies of original cards printed on high quality card paper. They look, feel, shuffle and play like the real thing. The best part? Our cards cost a fraction of real Magic cards! They are great for taking to a tournament at your local cards shop, playtesting decks that you want to buy for a major tournament, kitchen table Magic and you can even use them in place of your expensive card collection so they won’t get damaged.

     Don’t buy garbage proxies from other sellers and wait weeks, or even months to get them! We guarantee that we have the best proxies on the internet right now and we ship within just a few days of your order! We even carry high quality foils printed on real foil paper and cards with holograms stickers at the bottom for added authenticity!

     All the images on our website are high quality scans of the actual cards you will receive. Look, we know that sometimes even scans don’t show colors correctly, so below you can check out videos of all our cards shown in different light. We want to make sure you know what you are getting before you buy our product. Please read our shop policies and FAQ before ordering for more information.

Why Shop With Us?

This is a small family run business, so we give care and attention to every order we ship.

We give great personalized customer service. Sometimes it might take a few hours to get an answer to your email, but you’ll always get an answer from a real person not a bot. We actually care about customers! 

We ship everything with a tracking number. We ship with USPS because it’s much cheaper than other options and saves you money. 

We sell professionally printed proxy cards we’ve bought wholesale directly from the factory, not home printed junk. Especially important for foil cards! 

The cardstock used is German made black core cardstock, which is said to be as close to Cartamundi’s proprietary cardstock as you can get. 

Our proxy cards have the original MtG card back. 

Our proxy cards are not marked as a proxy like some of our competitor’s. We even have cards with recessed holograms! 

You don’t have to choose between owning a house or owning a Black Lotus. 

You don’t have to choose between a college education or a Copy Artifact. 

You don’t have to choose between a car or a Chaos Orb. 

We don’t send a billion annoying emails. We only send out information on our specials once, unlike some companies that remind you there’s a special over and over and over. 

We’re crazy! But in a fun way, not a dangerous way. Promise.